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Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Leadership, Responsibility, Creativity, Autonomy, Solidarity are all values upon which an entrepreneurial culture is built. Promoting entrepreneurship can foster attitudes, skills and abilities that are equally beneficial for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs as they are for future employees and citizens.

Under the hospice of the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, the carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec, has the mandatd to assure the presence of an individual that promotes the awareness of  youth entrepreneurship in their respective communities.  There are presently 100 Entrepreneurship Awareness & Promotions Officers present in the various carrefours jeunesse-emploi across the province of Quebec.  Their mandate consists of working in partnership with  the various community leaders   (schools, community organization, youth groups, elected officials, both local and provincial, as well as entrepreneurs)   all in the hopes of creating and fostering an entrepreneurial culture in Quebec.